Your sense of smell has the power to

Inspire a state of mind Shape your experiences of the world

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Drift off to sleep or awake in a blissful state.

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Decompress and prime your meditative state.

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Remove distractions and find your happy place.

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Connect through smell

ESYM Connect through smell science

How does a scent connect our deepest thoughts and memories?

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the most primitive part of the brain associated with memories and emotions, called the limbic system. When we experience a new scent, a neuron in our nose sends an impulse to the section of our brain responsible for emotion and memory, which associates this with an event, person or moment.

When we experience that same scent again our brain recalls these specific emotions and memories associated with the particular scent. This is why different people will have their own unique thoughts and feelings to the same scent experience.

The essence of our scents are created with this process in mind and is how you can transform your experiences through your most powerful sense, smell.

  • Olfactory Bulb

    Receives & sends scent

  • Amygdala

    Center for emotion

  • Hippocampus

    Centre of memory